A Timeline of events in Eidenheim Edit

Mythkal Era Edit

100,000 BC Edit

  • Rakknorakus: The shattering of all civilization. Eisguard, the first city, is destroyed. Much of what occurred is mystery, but it is known that the Eiden, God-King, disappeared during the battle of Eisguard, and ended up in the Hall of Eiden. Tor, son of Eiden, managed to defeat whatever was assaulting Eisguard, dying in the process. The world was plunged into chaos for 90,000 years after this event, and man became distrusting of magic ever since.

Eipkal Era Edit

10,000 BC - 9,000 BC Edit

  • The first Council of Wizardry begin construction of the Tower of Babsharoth. It is the tallest structure ever built and stood for 2,500 years. It was destroyed in an unknown magical incident, and the ruins were buried.

9,000 BC - 8,000 BC Edit

  • The Estier Elves found Jeichor, the first city since Eisguard.

8,000 - 7,000 BC Edit

  • Wall of Jeichor is built
  • In 7,600 BC Halthwicc Hall is built by a Giant in Breighthon
  • In 7,193 BC several orcish tribes unite under a leader in the north of Alseer

7,000 BC - 5,000 BC Edit

  • Estier Elves found the city of Ein Ghal. It surpasses Jeichor in size, but becomes abandoned.

5,000 BC - 4,000 BC Edit

  • Galthwar Temple built in Gerheim
  • The Elden begin recording their history under the direction of their Elder Irhor
  • Eiden leaves the Hall of Eiden for the first time in ninety five thousand years.

4th Millenium BC: 4,000 BC - 3,000 BC Edit

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3rd Millenium BC: 3,000 - 2,000 BC Edit

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