Sentient Races Edit

Humans Edit

Humans are from Eideinheim. They were the second race to discover magic after the Elden, and their misuse led to Rakknorakus which shattered human civilization for 90,000 years. Because of these humans generally despise magic.

Religion Edit

Humans worship Eiden, the Immortal Wizard-King who established Eidenheim in the Mythkal Era.

Elves Edit

The Elves of Eidenheim are a humanoid race, with tanned skin and pointed ears. They hail from the Continent of Eidenheim. They are thought to be long lived, but in fact do not live significantly longer than humans. The misconception is due to the fact the Elves do not have an aversion to magic, and Magic slows the aging process. There are several distinct Elven cultures.

Religion Edit

The Elves worship an assortment of Elven mages who they consider to have ascended to Godhood.

Orcs Edit

The Orcs come from Axcia. They are a humanoid race with green skin, and large tusks for teeth. They are generally stronger than humans or Elves. There are several distinct Orcish cultures. Goblins are in fact Orcs from South-East Axcia, although generally smaller than their neighboring brethren they are not a distinct race.

Feyfolk Edit

The Feyfolk are from Garajnia. An extremely diverse people.

Giants Edit

Giants hail from the Isle of Breighton. They were wiped out by men who settled the Isle.

Elden Edit

The Elden are a long-lived humanoid race. They have dark black skin and are generally a foot taller than men.

Eidenmen Edit

The Eidenmen are the humans who took refuge in Eiden's realm of pure magic, Yggdraheim, after Rakknorakus. They have golden skin and were initially long lived, although lifespans decrease with each generation removed from those who lived in Yggdraheim.

Drathkar Edit

Hailing from the north of Axcia and Eidenheim, the Drathkar have blue skin and red eyes. They are impervious to the cold.

Dwarves Edit

The Dwarves are thought to be a myth by many in Eidenheim. They live in Swieitzchenhoff, the Last Dwarven hold in Eidenheim, located to the North of Ilcacia, and Teibtzchenhoff in Axcia.