Hir-Mari was one of the first Elven Kingdoms, established by tribal Estier Elves in the region of Asryia on the Continent of Al-Jazraby.

Hir-Mari was initially a permanent settlement established by Nomadic Estier Elves. By 2,900 it had developed one of two important centers of Trade in North-West Al-Jazraby (the other being Eb-Al). It facilitated trade between Senmeria and Sparosian/Estieran tribes.

Around 2,500 BC Hir-Mari had expanded its sphere of influence to the borders of the Kingdom of Eb-Al. What began as tension over tribal trading (with Eb-Al forbidding its tribal subjects from trading in Hir-Mari) developed into full-blown war, which lasted for thousands of years. By 2,300 BC, Argos of Kadak was seeking to expand his Empire into Asryia, and Hir-Mari agreed to accept him as Emperor, and aid his armies in conquering the region, if he would personally see to the destruction of Eb-Al.

Argos allowed the King of Hir-Mari to maintain a large degree of autonomy, demanding only a small amount of tribute. When the Empire of Kadak collapsed, most Elves returned to a tribal way of life, but Hir-Mari remained a Kingdom, however it's 'territory' only consisted of the city Hir-Mari itself. However, strong ties were maintained with the Estieran Tribal Elves in the region, especially the Amren tribe to the North. The Amren Chieftain even resided in Hir-Mari for some time.

Hir-Mari's importance as a trade hub diminished and the city gradually became a small farming village, which was destroyed by the armies of Muharrab.