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There are six territories in Eidenheim that are separated by ocean

Acrifor Edit

The largest continent on Eidenheim, and homeland of the Elden. During the Mythkal era the sundering of Acrifor occurred, a mysterious magical event which led to a large area of the continent, including the Elden heartland, being turned into uninhabitable wasteland. Eptor was unaffected by the Sundering, and was the centre of civilization in Eidenheim for the majority of the Eipkal era.

Countries of Acrifor:

Eidenheim Edit

Eidenheim is to the north of Acrifor, and shares a land border with Axcia which is largely blocked by mountains.

Eidenheim is the homeland of Man, and during the Mythkal era the great empire for which the continent is named ruled over most of the continent, ruled by the wizard Eiden. The magical catastrophe Rakknorakus led to the complete destruction of the Empire, unleashed many horrible beasts throughout Eidenheim and threw the race of man into chaos for thousands of years. During most of the Eipkal Era humans lived in small tribal hunter-gatherer communities. To the south of the continent are the homelands of the Wiestier and Sparos Elves, and to the south-east is Abros, the homeland of the Estier Elves. The Wiestier Elves conquered most of Eidenheim at one point enslaving most of the populace, and Elven/Human tension has dominated politics in the territory for most of its history.

Considered part of Eidenheim is the Isle of Breightos. This island was the home of the Giants in the Mythkal era. Many of the Eidenmen fled to it during and shortly after Rakknorakus, only to be enslaved by the Giants. Man eventually slayed most of the Giants and claimed it as their own.

Countries of Eidenheim

Axcia Edit

Best known as the homeland of the Orcs, Axcia is a vast land East of Eidenheim and isolated by mountains. To the north is Surha, home of the Frostfolk, and to the south is Gajaneera, home of the Feyfolk. Central Axcia is the home of the Orcs. South-East Axcia is home to the goblins.

Al-Jazraby Edit

Homeland of the Estier Elves. Located between Acrifor and Axcia. When Eiden returned his people from Haevrassil (the realm of pure magic in which they took refuge during Rakknorakus) he established the Garden of Eiden in Al-Jazraby.

Countries of Al-Jazraby

Eipkal Era Countries

-Initial Estier kingdoms

  • Eb-Al
  • Hir-Mari
  • Senmeria
  • Aminos

Amraheim Edit

A vast continent far to the west of Eidenheim, Acrifor and Axcia.