• In Yggdraheim Lok convinces Aedor to demand that Eiden allow the Eidenmen to return to Eidenheim
  • Magic begins returning to Eidenheim, after the Eidenmen settle in the Garden of Eiden, after leaving Yggdraheim
  • The Estier Elves invent their writing
  • Estier Elves settle further west
  • Rujash, an Estier Elf, declares himself king of Shik, making him the first elven king.
  • City of Kalruk is established by the Estier Elf Kanmarkay Senmar
  • Atham, and his wife Elai lead tribes who had been residing in the Hall of Eiden back into the world, after being banished for casting magic.
  • The cataclysm begins in Acrifor, and the Elden begin to move to Eptor, specifically near the river Nei

4,000-3,901 BC

  • Senmaria is established as more than a city state, colonizing further north

3,900-3,800 BC

  • Tursp, a giant, constructs highways around Ayrie
  • Acrifor is almost entirely desert, and almost the entire Elden population is now in Eptor

3,800-3,700 BC

  • Atham begins teaching magic
  • A war is fought for Tobraxes, a northern colony of Senmaria

3,700-3,600 BC

  • In Ayrie, many monuments of worship for the giants are built by their human 'subjects'.
  • Kalruk begins trading
  • Thallore, the first Idnier city is established

3,600-3,500 BC

  • In 3,600 BC an exiled giantess settle on the Isle of Teisor and constructs a Gjeiuptor Hall, the Hall where she lived, and several buildings, including Meijentor, for her servants (the original inhabitants of Teisor.)
  • The Elden begin using necromancy
  • City of Seisen established to the east of Senmaria, the Maltein Empire is later founded from it.
  • 3,500 BC, the Emerald Throne is built on Mt. Rata in Emros.

3,500-3,400 BC

  • From 3500–2340 BC the Estier Elves population explodes, with many cities being established.

3,400-3,300 BC

3,300-3,200 BC

3,200-3,100 BC

  • Elder Irhor stops using necromantic arts and dies. replaced by Elder Axrhos
  • Scaptor assassinates Axrhos, begins unification of the Elden
  • Minstier Elves become a Kingdom, ruled by the Wizard-King Simeos.
  • Slaves of the Giants flee to the far north of Ayrie
  • The Nieregourge Cairn is constructed for a wizard known as Dagbar
  • The great Giant palace begins construction

3,100-3,000 BC

  • Rem-Na unites Eptor
  • Ashkira of the Fey-Folk is born in Garajnia